Antique Armenian Oriental Rug 5’2” X 12’4” #8106

Age: circa 1900

Size: 5’2” X 12’4”

Price on request


This circa 1900 oversized Armenian Carpet measures 5’2” X 12’4”. It has two reclining stags with huge antlers staring out at the room as they relax in a forest setting with mountains in the background against a pale blue sky. The whole field is framed in flowers. The stags are highlighted in a dark brown or red rose. They appear to be smiling. The border is drawn very nicely on a brown field with flower after flower all around the rug. In the middle of the bottom border is some writing possibly with a date.  The rug has a Baku motif. The pair of deer on a woodland floral ground is common in Baku. But I have every reason to believe it was woven by an Armenian because it has Armenian letters at the bottom of the rug at the border. I wouldn’t swear to it in court but that’s my honest opinion.

UPDATE: I asked on a rug forum for information about the inscription and received the answer which I quote here ” Inscription in Armenian – 1927․ Armenian letters – Դ․ ՈՒ․ (D., U.) It’s an Armenian carpet from Stepanavan-Noyemberyan north-east carpet-weaving centers of Armenia.”

This very stunning rug is in mint full pile condition. The rug has loops for hanging across the top and in my opinion this rug has always hung on the wall as a tapestry. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $150.00.