#7735 Kuba Antique Caucasian Rug 4’3″ X 5’11”

Size: 4’3″ X 5’11”

(131 x 182 cm)

Age: 18th Century?

Price On Request

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This very antique Kuba rug measures 4’3” X 5’11” ( 131x 182 cm). As far as the putting an age on this rug, this could possibly be an 18th century rug. I make no promises. I have no name for the field motif. The only thing I can say for sure is that the border has a very complicated variation of an ivory running dog on a blue ground. The rug is evenly low. The sides are original. It is missing one row of knots at one end and two rows of knots at the other. That to me for this age rug is not a big deal. The rug is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $75.