#7400 Karabaugh Antique Caucasian Oriental Rug 2’11” x 5’4″


Size: 2’11” X 5’4″

(89 x 164 cm)

Age: DATED 1870


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This Karabaugh is dated 1870 and measures 2’11” X 5’4” (89 x 164 cm). This is a very early provable date for this type of rug. It has three elongated diamonds on a cane design field. The major colors are a deep burgundy red, generally found only in Karabaugh, black and several shades of gold. The major border is a Chichi border commonly known as stars and bars. This is very rarely found in Karabaugh. This is flanked by two brownish gold reciprocal borders of flowers inside of cartouches. This miniature rug has a lot going in it. There is lots of asymmetry going on in the field. In the two small triangles below the date you can see birds heads with beaks. These continue down the side of the rug. The big triangles going into the field are different from one another, although they have the same feeling. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping of $50.00.