#7106 Antique Indo Chinese Carpet 12’3″ X 15’10”


Size: 12’3″ x 15’10”
(374 x 486 cm)

Age: Late 19th century

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This late 19th century Indochinese carpet measures 12’3” X 15’10”. It has a round medallion composed of several renditions of foo dogs.  This motif is generally limited to one or two animals.  This one has five or six which is very unusual, and all in a different rendering.  The field is golden yellow into the nap and honey brown over the nap.  The corners are nicely worked vine and flowers.  The minor border is meandering vine and flower on a navy blue ground.  The outer border is what the Navajo Indians call ‘rolling log’ worked in blue on a honey colored ground.  The rug shows some wear as photographed.  This will be repaired.  The rug is not being sold as is.  The buyer pays shipping with insurance of $225.