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Information on Rugs woven in East Turkestan such as Khotan

Khotan antique Rug

E Turkestan Rugs

East Turkestan or Chinese Turkistan situated along the ancient Silk Road borders China and Mongolia to the east, Russia to the north, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to the west, and Tibet to the south. The Largest cities today are Ürümqi, Kashgar, Khotan, Ghulja, and the current Ethnic groups include Uyghur, Han Chinese, Kazakh; and Hui. East Turkistan has been a commerce center for 2000 years and is well known for the rugs woven there. Our particular collection will include all the good condition Khotan rugs that we find as these have bold interesting designs of well-drawn tableaus that delight modern interior designers. Types will include Antique Khotan, Khirgez, Suzanni, home decor from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.

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