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Holly Mosby Rug Dealer

Robert Mosby Holly Mosby Rug Dealers in Uzbekistan

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Robert and Holly Mosby view the Pazyryk Carpet

Holly and Robert Mosby have been traveling the world for years in search of antique rugs to add to our collection. We have visited many cities in 44 countries. We look for old rugs to study or to buy. It has been an interesting journey. We hope you enjoy seeing the rugs we’ve collected as much as we have appreciated the travel to acquire them. In this day of commercial goods with no historic or handmade quality, it is nice to look to the past and surround ourselves with beauty conceived and woven by previous generations. The remarkable people we have met along our way have inspired us with their cultures and broadened our views. Thank you for visiting our website!

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Ever wonder what’s it’s like to photograph an Oriental Rug?

Here I am adjusting our ceiling mounted camera lens to take a wide frame image of a 9 foot by 12 foot rug. Down below is Robert using the computer software to shoot the photo. The adjustment is so sensitive that a slight mishandling of the camera on the mount will cause the room to skew and the rug to look like it’s not straight. This ladder is 17′ tall and I hate heights! So if our images aren’t perfect, now you know why!!

Holly Mosby Rug Dealer – ANTIQUE ORIENTAL RUGS

Photographing Oriental Rugs image