Antique Peking Chinese Rug 9’10’ x 13’7” #7605


Age: Circa 1880

Size: 9’10” X 13’7″




This circa 1880 Peking Chinese rug measures 9’10’ x 13’7” (299 x 416 cm). It has a very beautiful motif which is nicely drawn. It has a dark indigo field with floral designs at all four corners. The lower right and upper left have a cloud motif with floral sprays containing a full frontal bat for good luck. The lower left corner and upper right corner contain a floral design in light pink, silver gray, and three shades of blue with a butterfly hovering above looking for food. Scattered throughout the field are several bats, pairs of fruit and a Buddhist conch shell motif. The same design is catty corner from that at the other end. There are at least six large butterflies throughout the field and many cloudband designs in blue and ivory. The center motif is a pagoda which is reflected in water surrounded by lotus blossoms and ferns. This is nicely done. The major border is gray going to taupe consisting of a linked design of foliate dragons one after the other all around the rug in three colors of blue. There is a minor border on each side of this. One is ivory containing cloudband designs. There are a couple places, maybe three or four, which are low. There is no foundation showing. At the bottom of the rug in the taupe border there is a low area about 18” long. The ends and sides are complete. Considering that the rug is at least 125 years old, I think it is in good shape. It is oversized and quite lovely. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $200.