#7673 Antique Art Deco Chinese Rug 8’9″ X 14’5″


Size: 8’9″ x 14’5″
(273 x 442 cm)

Age: Circa 1925



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This circa 1925 Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug measures 8’11” x 14’5” (273 x 442 cm). It has a very nice field motif with vases standing on tables filled with flowers and many other things going on which I will mention. There is a parrot with his wings opened up on a perch on a table, wrapped packages, and blue bats. Large peonies are scattered throughout the rug with chrysanthemums, a conch shell and ribbon, two very attractive fish, a steaming teapot, a fruit tree growing from a rockery, another parrot with blue and rose feathers standing on a tree with green leafs and pears. Most of the designs are Buddhist iconographies. An interesting thing about the rug is that all the designs are unique in that none of them repeat. This is unheard of in this type of rug. All is on a deep Burmese red ground. There is a minor peach to rose colored border composed of dragons facing each other in yellow. The major border is 1 foot wide in dark blue with a beautiful motif consisting of sensors, baskets of fruit, another grouping of a sensor with a closed book and a hanging basket of flowers, and yet another smoking sensor. The rug is done in several shades of red, several shades of peach, several shades of gold, several shades of green and purple. The rug is 99% full pile. It has complete ends and sides. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $200.