#7540 Laver Kerman Antique Persian Rug 9’6″ X 15″0″

Size: 9’6″ X 15″0″

(292 x 457 cm)

Age: Circa 1900

Price on request


This circa 1900 Laver Kerman antique Persian Oriental measures 9’6” X 15’0” (292 x 457 cm). This is a very nice example of the art of weaving. This rug transcends floor covering and soars into the ethereal realms of art! The rug is excitingly complicated. It has flowers arranged in the manner of fans and feathers. There is an uncountable amount of colors. This unbelievably beautiful rug has a three dimensional feel in which the ivory colored ground transports the viewer into an almost supernatural space. It is 99% full pile which in itself is almost unbelievable. There are a couple of low areas not much larger than the palm of my small hand which essentially one would have to drop to ones hands and knees to find. The ends and sides are complete and original. A previous owner has had artificial fringe sewn on top of the original fringe at either end. I don’t know why, but it is easily removed if you don’t care for it. This beautiful rug is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $200.00.