#7497 Tabriz Silk Oriental Rug 8’2″ X 12’2″

Silk warp and weft and highlights!

Size: 8’2″ X 12’2″

(249 x 402 cm)

30 years old

Price on request


#7497 Tabriz

This approximately 30 year old Tabriz measures 8’2” X 12’2’  (249 x 402 cm). It has silk warps and wefts and silk highlights throughout the rug. This is a very,  very finely woven rug with a knot per square inch count of 740 (KPSI 740). It has an eight lobed anchor pulled center medallion in mauve, cornflower blue and pale green on an ivory ground with Arabesques of scrolling flowers. The beautifully worked corners are in the same colors with the addition of some coral. The rug is enclosed with a mauve border with a floral motif and five minor borders in the same colors and motif of large and small flower blossoms. There are touches of red in the border which are not in the main part of the rug. This rug is in perfect condition except the fringe is a little shorter at one end than at the other. This finely woven rug is the acme of elegance! This rug is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $150.00