#7462 Fereghan Antique Persian Rug


Size:  4’1″ X 6’2″

(122 x 188 cm)

Age: 1825-1850

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This 1825-1850 Fereghan very antique Persian Oriental Carpet measures 4’1 x 6’2” (122 x 188 cm). Here is something you very rarely get a chance to buy…. a mid 19thcentury Fereghan. This rug has a boteh design on a very pale pistachio green ground which as is normal in Fereghans has oxidized. The minor reciprocal borders are on a coral to very pale apricot ground containing repeated flower heads. The minor borders are nicely abrashed. I cannot put a definitive name on the major border. It reminds me of the prototypical turtle border. It is pistachio green with pale coral on a very dark blue ground. The sides have been rewrapped in places but are mostly original. The ends are original and complete minus an area of about 2”. This rug has a handle like a silk scarf. The rug is asymmetrically knotted to the right and is very finely woven. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $75.00