#7399 Antique Konya Turkish Rug 3’11” X 4’10”

Size: 3’11” X 4’10”

(120 x 150cm)

Age: Possibly 18th century

Price: on request


This very antique possibly circa 18c? Konya measures 3’11” X 4’10” (120 x 150 cm). This rug is all things Konya. It has a Turkish madder red field with prayer design and a step prayer niche going into sky blue spandrels. This color blue is generally only reserved for Konya. The three inner borders are very asymmetric and dyed in red, white and blue. The border designs change at the top and bottom. In a way that makes no sense except to point out that this is tribal art. The outer border is a lovely Konya yellow green containing X’s and diamonds very sparsely placed. This rug has complete ends and sides. It is full pile and clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $50.00.