#7791 Ghiordes Antique Turkish Carpet 3’9″ X 5’7″

Size: 3’9″ X 5’7″

(117 x 174 cm)

Age: Circa 1800

Price on request


This circa 1800 Ghiordes (Ghordez) antique Turkish Oriental Rug measures 3’9” X 5’7” (117 x 174 cm). I am dating this rug at 1800 but there are images of this rug in the literature that are dating this rug even earlier. The field is a medium blue prayer with a double column and a hanging bunch of flowers on top of the niche. The spandrels are offset rows of various motifs in red on an ivory ground. The top panel is an ivory cartouche containing various floral designs on an aubergine ground. The major border is very attractive and is found only in 18th century rugs which is why the literature is leaning into the mid to early 18th century and the fact that there is no corner solution is pulling me in that direction also.  I cannot put a name on the interior minor border but it seems to be some sort of a chain of cartouches containing a floral motif. The outer minor border appears to be a derivation of a cherry motif with six ripe red cherries separated with two groups of six not ripe cherries all around the rug. The rug is evenly low. There are no lazy lines. There are images of the back showing the weave. The cloth at the ends was sewn on in order to hang the rug. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $75.00.