#7217 Ottoman Silk and Metal Tapestry 5’2″ X 8’5″

Size: 5’2″ X 8’5″
Age: 1808
Price on request


This Ottoman  tapestry bears the Tugra of Mustafa IV and dates from 1807-1808. It measures 5’2’ X 8’5”. It has metal embroidery. It has a new silk backing. It has Islamic writing and motifs such as the crescent moon with a five pointed star, and paisley designs with tulips. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance included of $50.00.

 You might find this  information interesting: 

Written by: The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica Mustafa IV,  (born Sept. 8, 1779, Constantinople—died Nov. 17, 1808, Constantinople), Ottoman sultan from 1807 to 1808 who participated in the reactionary conservative coalition that overthrew his reforming cousin, the sultan Selim III. A fanatical and ambitious man of low intelligence, Mustafa, under the influence of the shaykh al-islām (head of the Muslim religious hierarchy) and the Janissaries, ended Selim’s reforms and killed most of the reformers. Meanwhile Bayrakdar Mustafa Paşa of Rusçuk (modern Ruse, Bulg.), a reformist supporter, marched to Constantinople to restore Selim III. Mustafa, informed of Bayrakdar’s intentions, killed Selim. He himself was immediately deposed (July 28, 1808) and lived in confinement until he was strangled on orders from his brother, who succeeded him as Mahmud II.