#7177 Melas Antique Turkish Rug 3’8″ X 4’10”

Size: 3’8″ X 4’10”

(115 x 152 cm)

Age: circa 1825

Price on request


This circa 1825 Melas or Melez antique Oriental carpet measures 3’8” X 4’10”(115 x 152 cm). It has a tomato red prayer niche on an ivory ground with carnation motif in the spandrels.  It has two niche amulets. It has a tree of life/dragon motif in the center of the niche.  The minor border is a meandering vine with cherry red flower heads.  The next border out is a cross between meandering S and a bird motif.  It has a major border consisting of  large roses in aubergine connected with meandering carnation motif in ivory, red, blue and peach. The center of these rose devices in the border is usually filled with a six to eight pointed star.  These centers are very unusual in that they are a ram’s horn motif. All is on a very pale peach ground which is literally alive with scorpion motif in red and white in a very natural rendering. The outer border has rose heads on an ivory ground.  Given the rams head motif in the border and the nonexistent border solutions this rug that could be older than circa 1825.  It could be pushing 1800.  This rug has excellent pile, and the ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go.  The buyer pays shipping with insurance of $75.00.