#6964 Antique Peking Chinese Rug 8’10” X 13’5″


Size: 8’10” x 13’5″

Age: Circa 1890

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This circa 1890 Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 8’10” x 13’5”. It has a navy blue field with a center motif of a humpback bridge in yellow/gold going over a lake.  There is a house at one end and a pagoda at the other. There is a rockery embankment out of which a very stark tree is growing in gold and brown.  A sprig of flowers consisting of carnations, lotus and peonies are in the four quadrants of the field.  At either end is a rockery from which sprouts large flowers and flowering branches in russet, green, ivory, blue and golden brown.  It has a 3 inch wide yellow/gold minor border.  The major border is of a lighter blue than the field with corner motifs of a rockery. There are portions of a flowering branch coming out of the rockery upon which sits a phoenix bird.  At the center of each end of the border is a rendition of the sacred mountain  arising from stormy seas.  Very well drawn entwining flowers and grapevines move in and out of the borders and into the field.  The grapevines could also be interpreted as wisteria which is a motif often used in Chinese carpets.  The wool is of the highest quality with the feel of velvet.  There are two places where the golden brown has eroded.  These are photographed.  There is an area in the minor border which has been re woven and it is photographed.   The balance of the rug, 99.5%, is in excellent condition with beautiful pile.  The rug is clean and ready to go.  The buyer pays a shipping of $200.