Antique Amritsar Carpet 14’4” X 20’3”#7949

Age: 1st half 20th century

Size: 14’4” X 20’3”

Price on request


This 1st half 20th century Amritsar Carpet from India measures 14’4” X 20’3”. This rug is unbelievable. It has an absolutely gigantic hunting scene. The aubergine field is covered in men on horses with bows, arrows, swords and falcons all out chasing lunch which is composed of various deer, antelope, elams, birds and a weirdly drawn phoenix bird or dragon. The hunters are all on different colored horses. Some hunters are fighting off leopards or tigers. One of the hunters has his pet dog on the saddle with him. A couple more have their dogs running along beside them. Birds are overhead in the trees. The horses and animals are beautifully drawn.

All is enclosed with a minor border of different cartouches. The major border is pistachio green and 2’ wide. The motif is composed of winged angels, some meditating with crossed legs. Some are facing each other talking. They are very well drawn and attractive. The outer border has a floral motif in the same aubergine color as the field.

The wool is very finely spun and the layout is gorgeous!

The rug is essentially in perfect condition. It is full pile with complete ends and sides. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $250.00.