#6888 Antique Peking Chinese Rug 12’0″ X 14’5″

Size: 12’0″ x 14’5″
(371 x 441 cm)

Age: Circa 1880

Price on request


This circa 1880 Peking Chinese rug measures 12’0” x 14’5” (371 x 441 cm).   This is the greatest Chinese of its type that I have EVER seen.  It is totally covered in mythological beasts and true animal images.  There are four ducks swimming in a lake.  There is the sacred mountain with a horse grazing on its slope.  There is an actual house cat.  There are two does and stags in various positions around the field. There are cattle and water buffalo.  There are masses of birds. There is a crane and a phoenix bird.  There is one horned monkey. There is a Foo dog and a Qulin ( which I have never seen in a rug before) and which is a combination horse and dragon breathing smoke. There is a pair of camels, and an elephant.  There are small lake scenes with pagodas and little houses.  There is a hump back a bridge and large trees.  There are weeping willows and rockeries. This carpet absolutely has it all!

 The entire scene is in every shade of blue, ivory and light tan on a medium navy blue background.  The border motif consists of a light blue inner border of flowers and leaves on a mohair ground.  The major border is flowers and trees with different types of birds on a darker blue ground.  The outer border is flowers and meandering vines on a pale blue ground.  The browns have eroded a bit in the carpet (a sign of age).  They can be rewoven if it bothers the buyer.  I personally like it.  The carpet is 99.9% full pile. It is clean and ready to go. The ends and sides are complete

 Chinese carpets of this size are extremely hard to find .Until I saw this rug, I thought that this combination of exciting design with an all over sense of serenity was impossible.  The buyer pays the shipping of $225.