Vintage Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug measures 4’1” X 6’0” #8171


Age: circa 1925

Size: 4’1” X 6’0”


This circa 1925 Art Deco Chinese handmade wool Oriental Rug measures 4’1” X 6’0”. It has a beautiful yellow gold field encompassed by a pale purple border. It has a nicely drawn butterfly in the lower right quarter flying below a hanging lamp in blue which looks like a beehive. It is suspended from a dark blue tree with flowers in blue, purple, and green coming into the field. Moving left along the border is a floral wreath containing two circling butterflies. Coming up the other side is a floral design ending in a flowering urn. This beautiful rug is full pile. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $75.00.