Persian Meshed Carpet 8’10” X 11’8” #7973


Size: 8’10” X 11’8”

Age: Circa 1920


This circa 1920 Persian Meshed carpet measures 8’10” X 11’8”. This is most likely a one of a kind custom designed rug with an overall floral motif. The four corners and center of the rug are done in a weeping willow motif with green and ivory branches and leaves in the center and the corners are brown and dark blue with splashes of green. In the center of the field at either end are two vases filled with flowers. The rest of the field is totally covered in various flower motifs on a medium red ground. The major border is a scrolling carnation and vine motif in ivory and light blue on a dark blue ground encompassed by two reciprocal minor borders. The interior one has scrolling flowers on a robin egg blue ground. The next one out has a larger flower on a tobacco colored ground. The rug is full pile and in essentially perfect condition with complete ends and sides. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $150.00.