Khotan Antique Oriental Rug 4’0” X 6’5” #7912


Age: circa 1900

Size: 4’0” X 6’5”.

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This circa 1900 Khotan Antique Oriental Rug measures 4’0” X 6’5”. It has a center medallion consisting of an eight pointed star outlined in Khotan pink. The upper and lower corners of the field contain flowers in pale grey with some pink. The upper end shows an abrash with a modified Memling gul. At the bottom the gul serves as the center point for what appears to be a floral grouping. All four corners contain a butterfly facing towards the center. All of this is on a red ground with an abrash across the top 10 inches. Very attractive. The center is encompassed by three borders each with a grey green background. The interior ones consist of red icons. The major border consists of a variant of an often seen K border that appears, when viewed in a special way, to be  a man with his arms curled over his chest as if he’s about to hug someone. Very cute. The minor outer border is rather odd. It consists of various numbers of squares connected to each other with a slanted rectilinear design on three sides with the fourth side being totally different. The rug show a lot of asymmetry. For its age this rug is in very good condition. Three ends and one side are complete. One of the edges needs a little work which if it irritates you can be fixed. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $75.00.