Collection of 3 Small Antique Tribal Baluch Rugs 5856~5836~5832



These small Balouch rugs were collected from the refugee camps in Quetta, Pakistan in 1990’s. They are antique pieces that were probably woven for personal use by the nomads in the area using artistic patterns and age old weaving traditions from the peoples of Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan. They were woven using collapsible looms by the women using natural dyes for use in the family tents or as trade goods when coming into the cities for supplies. These rugs are no longer readily available in the region. Shipping $35.00.


5856 baluch saddlebags


#5856 Antique Baluch Saddlebags

Size: 1’10” X 3’9″

Condition: Excellent

5836 baluch trapping

#5836 Antique Baluch Trapping

Size: 8″ X 6’2″

Condition: Excellent

5832 baluch saddlebags

#5832 Antique Baluch Saddlebags

Size: 2’1″ X 3’4″

Condition: Excellent