Antique Quashki Rug 1’8” X 1’9” #8093


Age:  19th century

Size: 1’8” X 1’9”


This 19th century antique Quashki rug measures 1’8” X 1’9”. It has a three panel field consisting of Lazy ‘S’ design, one on an ivory ground and one on a pale blue ground. The major border is the same Lazy ‘S’ on an ivory ground. All is encompassed with a blue and red motif as an outer border all the way around which has a problem with one edge. The other edge is all there. Both ends are missing. It is very finely woven with a red weft. The piece is evenly low. The motif is very beautiful and unique. It is definitely sold ‘as is’. he buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $25.00.