Antique Peking Chinese Rug 9’2” X 11’8” #7843


Age: third to fourth quarter 19th century
Size: 9’2” X 11’8” (280 x 360cm)


This third to fourth quarter 19th century Peking Chinese Rug measures 9’2” X 11’8” (280 x 360cm). This is a very interesting rug. I have not seen this motif in this layout before. There are scattered floral sprigs all over the field which is the color of old ivory. The center medallion is formed into a wreath consisting of flowers and four birds surrounding one of the symbols for shou (a good luck image). The corners are composed of a pair of birds facing each other. There are about a dozen flower blossoms in blue and brown. An interesting characteristic of this rug is that quite a bit of the design is a lighter or darker rendition of the design in ivory. The same rendition is carried into the borders. This is a very interesting way to put this motif together. It gives the entire rug the transcendent feeling of actually floating. This is compounded by the large two colored blossoms in the border which are very sparse. There are only ten in the whole rug and they are very artistically drawn. The wool is as soft as you can imagine and the weave is very tight for this type of rug. The pile is essentially perfect. The ends and sides are complete. This rug is magical! The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $150.00.