Antique Peking Chinese Chair Seat 2’0” X 2’1” #7846


Age: late 19th century

Size: 2’0” X 2’1” (61 x 64 cm)


This late 19th century Peking Chinese chair seat Oriental rug measures 2’0” X 2’1” (61 x 64 cm). It is a lovely well saturated shade of red usually seen only in Kansu. In the corners are groups of flowers with what appear to be butterflies in two shades of blue. The center has a circular medallion consisting of Chinese fretwork and four chrysanthemums. The inner border is dark blue with a white rice design. The major border has a Greek key variation in the same colors as the rest of the rug. This cute little rug is full pile. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $25.00.

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Weight 1 lbs