Antique Mongolian Chinese Rug 3’1” X 6’0” #8068


Age: circa 1910 Mongolian rug
Size: 3’1” X 6’0”


This circa 1910 Mongolian Chinese rug measures 3’1” X 6’0”. It has a cream colored field containing eight cavorting spotted deer in shades of brown, two colors of blue and roan. Some deer are leaping, some running, some eating and some lying down. There is a white crane in the upper right corner. The edges and the bottom of the field have various stone motifs in blue, terra cotta and brown. There are 3-4 trees in the field. The minor inner border has a white pearl design on a dark blue ground. The next border out has an ivory Greek key motif on a light blue ground. The major border has various Buddhist iconographies such as the endless knot, the book and scroll, the candle, etc all in their own cartouches. This rug is full pile and essentially looks brand new. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $50.