Antique Melas Turkish Prayer Oriental Rug 3’2” X 3’10” #8158


Age: circa 1875

Size: 3’2” X 3’10”

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This circa 1875 Melas Turkish Prayer Oriental rug measures 3’2” X 3’10”. The condition of this rug is ‘as is’. Good for it’s age.  In the center of the prayer design there is a figure that looks like a hookah with smoke coming out of it. How nice! There is a single spandrel at the top of the prayer niche done in multicolor leaves. There is no corner solution signifying age dating from 1860-1875. It has an octagonal design border on a yellow, brown ground. The octagons are shaped like squished stop signs cut into quarters. Each quarter is a different color. The ends have problems. The rug is showing wear. Who wouldn’t after 125 years? It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $50.00.