Antique Kurd Oriental Rug 1’11” X 4’0” #8021


Age: circa 1880

Size: 1’11” X 4’0”

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This circa 1880 Kurd rug measures 1’11” X 4’0”. It has an interesting center panel motif consisting of three squares that have been turned 90 degrees on a multi colored ground with a strange design. The squares are filled with two green and one red motif. The greens are very beautiful. The major border is three different motifs. The top and bottom are totally different. The two sides are equals. The top of the rug where the fringe will be has a nicely drawn kilim. The bottom edge is ragged and needs to be sewn. There is a hole in the bottom border which is photographed. The edges on the short sides would not suffer from a little repair. Sold ‘as is”. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $35.00.