Antique Kuba Oriental Rug 3’8” X 5’7” #7895


Age: circa 1875 Kuba

Size: 3’8” X 5’7”

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This circa 1875 Kuba measures 3’8” X 5’7”. This is a Kuba in a Leshgi design. The center, which I’ve never seen laid out like this, is a dark blue rectangle with a terra cotta background and two deep red abrashes across the star. The rest of the panel is filled with hashtag designs, flowers and tiny squares in a very asymmetric layout almost as if they were simply thrown onto the rug. North and South of the dark blue panel are two stunning ivory Leshgi stars. One is outlined in light blue and one is outlined in dark blue. There is an eight sided figure in the center of each of the stars. The layout and the colors remind one of Jaf Kurd. The tomato red field upon which the stars are resting is very asymmetric. The layout at each end is totally different. This is a very artistic rug. The major border is composed of flowers with eight petals in dark red, peach, tobacco and ivory on a very dark blue ground encompassed by two ivory reciprocal minor borders which at first glance appear to be twins as in every set of reciprocal borders you see but they are not. This rug is in my opinion unique in its class and type. It is essentially in perfect condition except the fringe at one end. The other end the fringe hasn’t even been opened. The sides are complete. Clean and ready to go. If this rug doesn’t take your breath away you are probably in the wrong business. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $75.00.