#7807 Art Nouveau Art Deco Chinese Rug 12’0″ X 13’2″

Size: 12’0″ X 13’2″

Circa 1900

Price on Request


This circa 1900 Art Nouveau/Art Deco Chinese Oriental rug measures 12’0” X 13’2” (371 x 402 cm). It is a beautiful Art Nouveau carpet with a motif consisting of 16 different birds lounging around on rockeries and water features. There are very oddly designed trees and gigantic flowers coming up the center and 7 very wavy and large palm fronds descending 1/3 way down the center of the rug. It has large flowers done in a couple of shades of red and blue all on a pale colored ground. Some of the trees are outlined in a very dark navy. The major border is a lighter shade of the ground color and has an odd and unnamable motif. The odd thing about the motif is that the designs in the long and short border don’t match up from one side to another as they have been spun 180 degrees giving the rug a very odd dimensional feel. The rug has two sets of minor reciprocal borders . Two of the borders have elongated hexagonal shapes. The interior border is on a blue ground and the exterior is on a brown ground. The next pair of reciprocal borders have flower blossoms. The outer most on a light blue ground and the inner one on a light brown ground. This rug is unbelievably unique. You will never, ever see one similar to this. In my nearly 50 years collecting and selling Chinese rugs I have never seen a design like it! The rug is full pile. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $200.00.

It is stunningly beautiful with a dreamlike quality!