#7803 Caucasian Kuba Kilim 5’9″ X 10’6″

Size %’9″ X 10’6″

Circa 1825

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This circa 1825 Caucasian (Kuba) Kilim measures 5’9” X 10’6” (180 x 323 cm). This is actually the first one of these I have ever owned and I haven’t seen many as they are quite rare. The motif is horizontal bands of color in a couple of shades of blue, blue/green, ivory, black, a couple of shades of red and camel hair. Every solid band of color contains a narrow, maybe one inch wide band containing a geometric motif in the same colors as in the stripes. . Every once in a while in the wide camel hair bands you’ll find a woven S for no reason. The weave of the rug is very fine. It’d right up there with Senna kilims. I haven’t seen many kilims this fine. The selvedge is finished off in a knotted Kuba or Kazak finish. There are about 10 very small holes, the biggest one being about the size of a dime. This piece is very cool! It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $95.00.