#7788 Antique Jaf Kurd Rug 2’10 x 3’8″


Size: 2’10 x 3’8″

(89 x 115 cm)

Age: Last quarter 19th Century

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This antique Jaf Kurd antique rug measures 2’0” X 3’8” (89 x 115 cm). It has typical Jaf Kurd motif in typical Jaf Kurd colors. The major border has six sided medallions containing eight pointed stars on a dark blue ground. There are two minor medallions of triangles connected with cross bars on an ivory ground. Three of four sides have problems. The center has 15% of the foundation showing. It is a nice piece to reweave then cut the outer borders and make it into a very nice pillow. The buyer pays the shipping of $35.00.