#7786 Dazkiri Antique Turkish Rug 4’3″ X 5’5″


Size: 4’3″ X 5’5″

(131 x 168 cm)

Age: Mid 19th Century



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This mid to late 19th century Turkish Dazkiri Oriental carpet measures 4’3” X 5’5” (131 x 168 cm). To me this rug is sort of a mystery. It has a large green medallion on a light red ground. Inside the green medallion is a smaller medallion in pale rose containing a large yellow diamond with a blue running dog around the edges. The cool thing about this rug is that among its total asymmetry in the pale rose center medallion are twelve what I choose to see dragons in yellow, brown, rose, ivory. Somebody else might see something else. The corners of the field are all different. There is no symmetry. Things are added here and things are missing there. The major border consists of flowers and eight pointed stars all on a variegated green ground in a different tone than the medallion. There are no corner solutions which tends to make me think that this rug is older than it seems. The inner minor border consists of eight sided medallions containing eight sided stars all on an ivory ground. The outer minor border is meandering vine and flower design. The ends are sloppy but I believe all there. The sides have been re-wrapped. There are at least five very poorly done reweaves. The rug is very badly worn with foundation showing across the center of it. The rest is evenly low. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $50.00.