#7785 Leshgi Shirvan Antique Caucasian Rug 3’9″ X 5’5″


Size: 3’9″ X 5’5″

(118 x 167 cm)

Age: 3rd quarter 19th Century


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This 3rd quarter 19th century Leshgi Shirvan antique Oriental Rug measures 3’9” X 5’5” (118 x 167 cm). It has four stars, two in ivory and two in green on background sections of red/blue and red/ blue. The major border is repeated octagons in red, pale blue, and indigo blue filled with geometric motifs, each a little different, on an ivory ground. There are three minor borders and two minor reciprocal borders of six petaled blossoms. The outer is on a sky blue ground and the inner is on a black ground. The inner minor border consists of connected crosses in red, green, dark blue and yellow on an ivory ground. The field is covered in a star motif with small diamonds and tiny lazy S’s. Some of the stars are eight pointed and some of the stars are twelve pointed. All makes for a very crowded field. Both ends of the rugs are ragged and the edges need work. The body of the rug is equally low and the rug is evenly worn as photographed. This rug actually has a ribbed back like a Kuba and the sides have been rewrapped so there is no way to tell the original color but I’d bet it was blue. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $50.00.