#7768 Antique Ningxia Rug 5’3″ X 7’11”

Size: 5’3″ x 7’11”
(160 x 241 cm)

Age: Circa 1800

Price on request


This Ningxia rug is circa 1800 or possibly 18th century. It has a peach field consisting of a center wreath with a Shou symbol in the middle. There are floral sprays in the field of the rug and six butterflies. The corners are composed of Chinese fretwork and lotus blossoms in a very pale peach. The most interesting thing about this rug is the borders. Coming into the major border is a white pearl motif on a dark blue ground border. Next is a small border the same color as the field with an indistinct geometric motif. Then comes the major border. It has a blue ground containing ten cartouches. The cartouches contain Buddhist symbols such as the shell, the fish, the endless knot and the conch shell etc. Each one is different. These cartouches are separated by ten separate motifs, no two alike. There are crosses, eight pointed symbols, eight sided rhomboids separated by ivory swastikas, diamond shaped flower heads, eight petaled flowers inside a diamond lattice design, and an odd diamond motif on a peach, blue and ivory ground with more swastika designs, etc. One edge is complete. The other could use some work. The ends are probably 20% complete and need work. I don’t deny the rug needs work but it is probably an 18th century piece. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $95.