#7751 Antique Isfahan Persian Rug 4’9″ X 7’1″


Size: 4’9″ X 7’1″
Age: 1st quarter 19th Century

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This 1st quarter 20th century antique Isfahan Persian Oriental rug measures 4’9 “ x 7’1”. It is one of a matching pair of rugs. It has an ivory floral medallion with a brick red medallion in the middle of it and a blue medallion in the middle of that. Rather kaleidoscopic. It has very nicely drawn corners with the same field colors as the red part of the medallion. The rug has two reciprocal borders, one with a red ground and one with a white ground. The major border is slightly lighter than the main field and has a meandering vine and flower motif. The flowers look like chrysanthemums and are done in ivory, various shades of blue and peach. This is an exceeding finely woven rug with a knot count of 483 knots per square inch. The ends and sides are complete. The rug is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $75.00.