#7732 Kazak Antique Caucasian Oriental Rug 4’3″ X 9’0″


Size: 4’3″ X 9’0″

(131 x 274 cm)

Age: 2nd half 19th century

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This second half 19th century Kazak antique rug measures 4’3” X 9’0” (131 x 274 cm). It has a double keyhole design. It is in full pile delicious condition except for one thing. At the top end of the rug there is a very strange repair. The last border has been woven separately from the rest of the rug and then sewn on to the end of the rug. From the face it’s a great job. From the back you can see it. I believe the weaver either wove it wrong or it was so messed up that he wove it again and attached it. At the same end there are three reweaves from ½ “ wide to 1” wide and from 5” long to 12 “ long. The reweaves are expertly done and basically invisible from the front of the rug and they are old repairs. Otherwise this rug is in full pile condition like it has never even been walked upon. The two keyhole motifs are ivory surrounding the inside which is a beautiful green with a red center. It sort of looks like a Sewan. The field is a very dark blue with a lattice work design in alternating ivory and blue. There are three quadrupeds and a couple of birds. The insides of the pieces of lattice look very much like pitchforks sprouting flowers. The ivory border contains a double facing C motif in green and red which I have not seen before and cannot find published anywhere. East and west of the major border are two reciprocal borders on brown ground probably natural wool because there is no erosion. It is done in an interesting flower head design. The outer reciprocal border is done in the same motif only a little bigger. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $95.00.