#7700 Antique Peking Chinese Rug 10’0″ X 16’0″

Size: 10’0″ x 16’0″”
(305 x 487 cm)


Age: Circa 1890

Price on request


This circa 1890 Peking Chinese antique Oriental Rug measures 10’0” x 16’0” (305 x 487 cm). Miles of blue! This rug has an indigo field containing a circular central medallion in rusty brown with a table with floral decorations, a flower pot containing a flowering tree and a pot of tea. It is simple but elegant. “How Chinese.” The very simple design consists of Buddhist iconographies sa the brush pot with brushes, the scroll, and the beribboned book. The corners are each worked in a tall vase on a table containing a floral motif and a short vase on a table with floral motifs. The entire rug is encompassed with a major border in rust with meandering flowers and vines and floral motifs. The minor border in camel hair contains half rondels in rust, blue and ivory filled with floral designs. The entire rug is enclosed with a four inch wide border in the same color as the field. The rug is essentially full pile with slight oxidation in the brown. In this type of rug, if the brown is not oxidized it is not old. The rug is made with the finest wool that money could buy at the time. It is unbelievably soft and luxurious. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping including insurance of $200.