#7687 Antique Tabriz Persian Rug 8’9″ X 11’8″

Age: Late 19th Century

Size: 8’9″ X 11’8″

(271 x 359 cm)

Price on request


This late 19th century Tabriz antique Persian Oriental Carpet measures 8’9” X 11’8” (271 x 359 cm). This rug has a fantastically beautifully drawn garden design of thirty individually framed vignettes with peacocks, trees, flowering bushes, an interior view of a mosque, and a lake view complete with fish. There are so many different angles of delight on which to gaze. The vignettes are framed in geometric motifs, all different, all lovely. Across four of the borders is some very nice script which I am trying to have translated and will add to this description when I have it. The major border is a deep navy blue containing cypress trees and various flowering trees. It’s quite wide at almost a foot. There are animals drinking water under the trees and birds in the trees. There are two small reciprocal borders on an ivory ground containing leaf and flower motif. The inner minor border is a procession of various colored octagons with at least five different motifs  in procession around the field. There is an outer border of medium size flowers separated by smaller blossoms on a sky blue ground. This is one of the most beautiful rugs of its type that I have ever seen in structure, design and color. One could stare at this rug for hours and not become bored. It is really a delight of the senses. This rug is essentially full pile. There are maybe one or two places the size of a quarter where it’s low. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $150.