#7642 Sarouk Persian Antique Rug 8’6″ X 11’7″


Size: 8’6″ X 11’7″

(292 x 356 cm)

Age: circa 1920

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This circa 1915 Sarouk Oriental carpet measures 8’6” X 11’7” (262 x 356 cm). It has a nice pure red field with an overall semi open floral design with a navy blue border with meandering flower and vine design. It has two reciprocal borders. The outside and inside are medium blue with a meandering leaf and vine motif. The two inner reciprocal borders are on the same ground color as the field with a variation of meandering vine and flower motif. Two sides of one end are complete. One end is missing perhaps two rows of knots. Not a big deal. This rug is 99% full pile with only a very slight amount of wear. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $150.