#7625 Melez Antique Turkish Rug 4’3′ X 6’0″

Size: 4’3′ X 6’0″

(131 x 183 cm)

Age: Circa 1830

Price on request



This circa 1830 Melez measures 4’3” X 6’0” (131 x 183 cm). The second image of the rug is a back shot. Do you see the Lazy Lines along the measuring tape used to show them? That is how I am arriving at the date. The rug has a ribbed back like a Melez. The motif leans toward Ghiordes but the construction is Melez. The tree is a meditation motif in an early from of ‘tree and tomb’ design. The tree is a single cypress in pale green on a cherry colored ground. There are tiny spots of color in black and red throughout the tree. I am not sure of the significance. I am only sure they are not Christmas tree ornaments. The two buildings below the tree are tombs. Three sides of the border form an arch. Stylistically the vertical lines of color in each one are different as they go up the column that they form. The wide large border contains a motif that I have never seen before, but the colors are pale green and there is a lot of aubergine, all on a black ground which I had replaced because it was 90% rotted away when I bought this rug. The minor border on the outside is referenced. Please see the book ‘Turkish Rugs’ Volume 4 by K. Zipper and C. Fritzche copyright 1989, page 62, Figure 63. The rug has complete ends and sides. It is in essentially perfect condition. It is clean and ready to go.  The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $75.00