#7624 Lesghi Shirvan Antique Caucasian Runner 4’1″ X 9’5″


Size: 4’1′ X 9’5″

(125 x 289 cm)

Age: Late 19th century


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This late 19th century Lesghi Shirvan Long Rug Oriental Carpet measures 4’1” X 9’5” (125 x 289 cm). It has the rare and very heavenly red ground with eight Lesghi stars up the middle. Each of the stars contains a compressed octagon. Inside the octagons each one contains one of four different motifs. Look at them, you’ll like them. There are about thirty quadrupeds in different colors running up the sides of the field, some spotted, some with horns. There are lots of lazy S’s, large and small flower heads and eight pointed stars in the field. The field is encompassed by a major border of a modified step motif in blue, red and brown on a wide ivory ground. There are three minor borders, two of which are reciprocal which have a meandering motif containing X’s on an ivory ground and one is medium blue containing meandering connected S forms. The rug is full pile with complete ends and sides. It is in essentially perfect condition although there are a few low places very consistent with a rug of this age. There is no foundation showing. This rug is extremely finely woven. It is clean and ready to go.  The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $100.