#7553 Antique Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug 4’1 x 6’10


Size: 4’1″ x 6’10”

Age: Circa 1930

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This circa 1930 Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug measures 4’1” x 6’10” (125 x 213 cm). You want purple? We’ve got purple! The rug has a deeper purple border surrounding a purple field containing a solitary navy blue tree going up the center with colored flowers in yellow, rust red, light blue, and several shades of green. These same colors show up in a pair of well-drawn birds. The top bird is perched in the flowering tree and the bottom bird is flitting around looking for a little action. The quite lovely rug is full pile except for an area the size of a dime where it appears a moth had a real quick lunch. It has complete ends and sides. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping including insurance of $75. Please contact us for shipping outside of the Continental US.