#7531 Antique Kashan Persian Rug 9’6″ X 19’10”

Size: 9’6″ X 19’10”

(292 x 609 cm)”

Age: Circa 1920


Price on request


 This circa 1920 antique Kashan Persian Oriental carpet measures 9’6” X 19’10” (292 x 609). This carpet of unbelievable quality is woven with Manchester wool. It has a large pulled medallion filled with a floral motif of roses, chrysanthemums and peonies in red, several shades of blue, brown, green and pink which simply floats on the ruby red field of this very finely woven masterpiece.  It has a knots per square inch count of 240. The field is a veritable sea of undulating vines and flowers floating inward and outward over the field. The rug has a 3-D feel to it. The corners are worked in a medium to dark blue ground continuing the floral characteristics of the rest of the rug. The major border is one or two shades lighter than the field color and worked in a motif of standing bushes and sprigs of flowers. It is quite wide. I have never seen this border before. It is very, very lovely. The previous owner has added a machine made fringe to both ends of this rug which to me seem out of place, but thankfully the original ends of this rug are in place under this fringe. They have never even been opened. This rug is in absolutely mint perfect condition.  A rug of this type and size is very impossible to find and when you add the condition, it is unbelievable! It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of 300.00

The camera is a little skewed so the rug does not look square and the lighting is off so the bottom looks too dark. The rug is even and the colors consistent. Sorry. This is a very large rug for a photo!