#7528 Karagashli Antique Caucasian Rug 4’2″ X 6’3″

Size: 4’2″ X 6’3″

(128 x 192 cm)

Age:  3rd or 4th Quarter 19th Century

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This third or fourth quarter 19th century Karagashli rug measures 4’2” X 6’3” (128 x 192 cm). Although the rug is only 4’ x 6’,  it could be considered over-sized for this type of rug which is usually 3’ x 5’ish. The rug is incredibly finely woven with a double row of Karagashli medallions in tomato red in a deep blue ground. The main border is a very finely drawn wine glass motif on an ivory ground embraced on either side by a flower head motif on a deep blue ground. The two minor borders are a Lazy S motif with the inner border on a yellow gold ground and the outer border on a red ground. Everything is enclosed by a black and white dog tooth border. The field is very asymmetric ivory and red flowers with a little man in ivory with two combs and various forms of quadrupeds. This rug makes a bold statement. The tomato red medallions practically float against the dark blue ground. The ivory is the color of new snow. This rug is a very exciting example of its type. It is in essentially perfect condition. It is full pile with complete ends and sides. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping including insurance of  $75.00.