#7415 Antique Chuval Rug 4’0″ X 2’5″

Size: 4’0″ x 2’5″
(121 x 76 cm)

Age: Mid 19century or earlier

Price:  on Request

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This mid 19th century or earlier Tekke Chuval measures 4’0” x 2’5” (121 x 76 cm). This is an exceedingly interesting piece. The big size of the skirt actually makes this look like two Chuval’s together. But it is not. It is one. The top section is composed of Aina guls surrounded by a flag border. The gulls in the bottom skirt are a variant of the compartmental Aina Gul with a stepped polygon, without hooks in the center.It was also used in this form by the Salor. The piece appears to be single wefted. It is complete except for 6 inches (18.28 cm) in the lower left guard border and is generally full pile. This is an early piece. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $35.