#7410 Antique Mandarin Chinese Rug 10’10” X 11’10”


Size: 10’10” X 11’10”
(304 x 362)

Age: Circa 1915

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This circa 1920 Mandarin Chinese Antique Oriental rug measures 10’0” x 11’10” (304 x 362 cm). It has a dark gold field with a medium blue circle serving as a center medallion surrounded by a wreath of flowers and foliage in medium blue and burgundy. East and West of the medallion are the Chinese symbols for good luck accompanied by a bouquet of flowers tied with a ribbon. There are six very nicely drawn butterflies around the medallion. The corners are composed of floral motifs converging in the center in burgundy, purple, and two shades of blue. These are very nicely drawn. The minor inner border is a deeply saturated purple containing butterflies, oak leafs and floral motifs. The major border is a deep blue containing various floral manifestations. The rug has a low area in one of the corners in the field the size of a $.50 piece. Other than that, this rug is 99.9% full pile and complete. It is woven in the finest Mandarin Chinese wools with the look and feel of velvet. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $200.