#7397 Hereke Antique Turkish Rug 6’1″ X 9’11”

Size 6’1″ X 9’11”

(185 x 303cm)

Age: Circa 1850

Price on Request



This circa 1850 Hereke antique Oriental carpet measures 6’1” X 9’11” (185 x 303cm). This is the finest woven wool rug I have ever seen. It is 10×11 knots to the square centimeter which works out to 1.1 million knots to the square meter. This is as fine as the finest silk Hereke. In my opinion the rug dates from circa 1850. But it has the design of a 17th century Ghordez with a double pillar configuration, hanging lamp, tulips, and supported spandrels done in the snakey like motif of a 17th century Ghordez prayer rug. The field of the rug is pale ivory. The spandrels are done in a medium blue which is the same color as the border. The rug contains beautiful yellows and a very odd red. The rug is generally low all over but this does not subtract from the beauty of this meditation carpet. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $95.00.