#7359 Antique Khotan Saf Rug 3’8″ x 14’0″

Size: 3’8″ x 14’0″
(115 x 425 cm)

Age: Early 18th century

Price:  on request

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This 18th century, for sure, or possibly 17th century Khotan Saf measures 3’8” x 14’0” (115 x 425 cm) . It has two dog eared corners and four bites on the edges. There is a small hole in the left corner and degradation at each end, but not much. One end still has the selvedge. The rug makes heavy use of aubergine and yellow. There is a repeated tree of life motif in each of the 13 prayer compartments. The spandrels display six different motifs. I have never had anything like this. I  bought it in Central Asia in the Spring of 2012. Make an offer.