#7352 Antique Melas Turkish Rug 3’6″ x 4’11”

Size 3’6″ x 4’11”

(109 X 155cm).

Age: 1st quarter 19th century

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This 1st quarter 19th  century Melas or Melez antique Oriental rug measures 3’6” X 4’11” (109 X 155cm). It has a light rust or dark coral field with a tree of life motif and tulips lining the vertical borders on the inside  containing flower head motifs of apple blossoms and two nicely drawn tobacco leafs in blue and tobacco color. The pale tobacco color major border has as its main motif the ‘goose foot’ separated with a ‘nut gall’. The outer border is carnations split with a tulip on an ivory ground. There is lots of aubergine in the rug. Check out the bottom end where they have gone crazy with the border and ended with triangular lappets. This rug is in great condition. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $75.00.